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Sleep was at an all-time low before the COVID-19 madness. According to the CDC, about one in three adults were not getting enough sleep pre-COVI. And now, the worry and anxiety that comes from a global pandemic can shake up even the best sleeper’s sleep. Your health, memory, decision-making, MOOD, and even your creativity can take a hit if you don’t get enough sleep. Let’s fix that.

Here are natural sleep aids that work without habit-forming meds and products to cozy up your bedroom for better sleep. Good night y’all!

The Nue Co. Sleep Drops $55These stress-reducing and calming vegan drops are made with valerian root, an herb proven to help improve sleep, passion flower, catnip (which strangely has a mild sedative effect), and chamomile. Add 6 to 12 drops to a glass of water before you hit the hay.

Perricone MD Sleep Booster Whole Foods Supplements $35

These sleep-inducing capsules are made with a mixture of Ashwagandha root, which helps your body cope with stress, anxiety, and sleep issues without making you drowsy, velvet bean extracts, magnesium, L-Theanine, and melatonin, which acts as a sleep aid and antioxidant that helps fight inflammation.

SugarBear Sleep $30

These vegan sleep gummies are made with melatonin (the hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle), L-Theanine to support a calm, relaxed mood and a blend of 5-HTP and calming botanicals to help you relax and hit snooze naturally.

Fast Asleep Saffron Sleep Chocolates $40

Saffron acts as a natural mood enhancer and helps relieve occasional stress and anxiety while helping you score a deeper, better quality sleep. Pop one saffron-infused chocolate in your mouth 30 to 60 mins before bedtime and wake up feeling refreshed and alert vs. groggy. We honestly can’t think of a better way to fall asleep.

Little Shop Of Oils Deep Sleep Roller Oil $24

This essential oil blend is infused with moonstones, lavender, and chamomile and scented with lavender, peppermint, frankincense, blue tansy essential oils. Apply to your wrists and neck to unwind and ease into a restful sleep.

Moon Juice Dream Dust Sachet Box $35.00

This vegan and gluten-free herbal sleep supplement is made up of jujube seed (used to relieve anxiety and insomnia), polygala (a flowering plant that promotes memory, creativity and relaxation), Egyptian chamomile to soothe the nervous system and organic Ashwagandha root and leaf extract. Add to matcha, tea, milk, water, smoothies or lemon water (hot or cold).

THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Pillow Spray $29

This natural sleep aid spray is infused with essential oils like lavender, vetivert and wild chamomile to help calm your nerves and soothe your mind + body.

Dodow $60

This metronome light system acts like your own personal meditation teacher. Press it and a blue light appears on your ceiling for you to synchronize your breathing: inhale when it expands, exhale when it retracts. It switches off after 8 or 20 mins (your choice) to lull you to sleep.

Maya Tea Insomniac’s Dream Herbal $10 for ¼ lb. loose leaf or 20 tea bags

This bedtime tea blends catnip and chamomile flowers to help you get to a mellow, relaxed mood, while peppermint, lemon balm and lemongrass make it super tasty.

HoomBand Audio Sleep Headband $60

Listen to soundscapes and meditations as you drift off to sleep with this app-based audio headband designed to work offline.

Plush 15 lb Weighted Blanket $139

Sleep under 15 pounds of cozy with this weighted blanket designed to hug you as you relax into a deep sleep.

Gravity Cooling Blankets $199Just in time for spring and summer, these gravity blankets are made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you sweat-free while distributing its weight evenly throughout your body (available in three sizes, depending on your weight). Your body relaxes, stress and anxiety levels drop and you fall asleep faster and longer, feeling relaxed and ready for whatever tomorrow brings (here’s hoping some good news).

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