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Whether you’re looking to ease your aches and pains, boost relaxation and focus, or moisturize your skin, it can be dizzying searching for that perfect cannabis product when the market has become so saturated. With so many cannabis and CBD offerings to choose from, determining whether a product is made with organic ingredients and by those who can authentically identify with your needs can be a challenge. But look no further: We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cannabis products created by women, for women. Though, while this body oil, soothing balm, and CBD vape pen can help a busy mom or professional get through the day, you don’t need to be female-identifying to get use out of these products. Gift them to your sister, best friend, or partner, these products won’t disappoint. 

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Cannabliss Organic “Bliss” Body Oil 

Founded by “wife-and-hubby team,” Melissa and Nick Christensen have family roots in the beauty industry and past experience in hemp wellness and cultivation. Combining these passions into the Cannabliss lifestyle brand, the duo hopes to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis and enable consumers to incorporate CBD into their daily lives. The “Bliss” body oil is made with full-spectrum hemp oil, blended with ancient Korean herbs, all working synergistically to help the body heal. Luxurious, hydrating, and on shelves at Neiman Markus and the Waldorf Astoria, this oil can help your skin retain a youthful tone, and can protect it from sun and environmental damage. Not only for women, the body oil is great for men, as well. Nick even uses it as a beard oil! 

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Moon Mother Hemp Co. “Wise Woman” Comfort Balm

With every ingredient in Moon Mother’s products guaranteed organic and carefully selected to promote healing and mind-body wellness, you can be sure that when you use this product, you’re using something safe and beneficial for your body. Moon Mother Hemp Co. was founded by certified clinical herbalist Jessica Bates, who’s dedicated to developing sustainable, clean beauty products, with a special focus on women’s health, healing, and menstrual relief. The “Wise Woman” comfort balm is blended with anti-inflammatory herbs, full-spectrum hemp extract, and nourishing oils and butters — the perfect aid for your moon cycle, or for any other daily aches and pains. 

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