Cancer cure: Cannabis alone cannot cure the condition – EconoTimes

There has been an increasing interest in the effects of cannabis when it comes to a medical aspect, with more and more research dedicated to the topic. So this leads to the question of whether cannabis can be another type of treatment for cancer.

According to oncologist Dr. Donald Abrams, cannabis alone cannot cure cancer. There have yet to be studies that would prove this claim true or not to reach a definitive conclusion. Even though this has yet to be determined, researchers have already seen that there may be some potential there, specifically in cannabinoids THC and CBD. Some pharmaceutical companies have tested cannabinoid medications on patients suffering from brain tumors, and while the results were promising, it was not as dramatic as they perhaps have hoped. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to the claim that cannabinoids can be another type of cancer treatment.

Dr. Abrams, along with Professor Manuel Guzman of Complutense University of Madrid, published a piece to clear up any confusion regarding cannabinoids and cancer treatment. They addressed the growing number of those diagnosed with cancer becoming convinced that cannabis or high concentrations of CBD or THC oil can actually help cure the condition. They were convinced through testimonials found online. They have also mentioned that RSO or Rick Simpson Oil was often a recommended cannabis product to try in cancer treatment.

Cannabis alone cannot cure cancer, but it can help the patient manage the side-effects of chemotherapy, one of the main methods of cancer treatment among patients. There have been studies showing that cannabis can help manage nausea and lack of appetite felt by patients as well as pain management.

In other types of cancer treatment, the Daily Mail reports that gene-editing is becoming the next best type of treatment. Gene-editing is basically scientists genetically engineering healthy cells to discover and destroy tumors. Following human trials on three older patients, the researchers found that these modified T-cells are safe. These T-cells can kill cancer cells and can stay in the body for nine months.

While the results were a success, more research is needed when it comes to this method as well as trials in bigger groups to reach a definitive conclusion on whether or not it can be used as a cure for cancer.