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CBD is the three-letter phrase you’ve been hearing and seeing everywhere — and for good reason! CBD comes from the cannabis plant and the effects of CBD are due to how it works on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Due to its anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory effects, recent research shows that CBD has exponential potential to help with skin conditions like acne and other reactive skin disorders.

CBD’s effects on skin

In fact, researchers found that CBD products can benefit skin problems from acne vulgaris, allergic contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis to psoriasis and even skin cancer.

However, they note that just because CBD has shown the potential to positively affect these conditions, it’s not a guarantee. That’s because there’s yet to be enough thorough pre-clinical research and large-scale randomized, controlled trials — which is largely why CBD has yet to be FDA-approved.

Nevertheless, many skincare companies play into the fact that smaller trials have shown promise between CBD use and improved skin clarity, which is why CBD serums, creams, and balms are everywhere right now.

Instead of picking up any old formula you come across, consider testing out one of the three products below. While we can’t confidently say that they’ll be the be-all, end-all to your campaign to fight acne, we can say that these fan-favorite picks are likely to add a boost to your current anti-acne regimen.

Skincare lines are now suggesting that CBD oil can help treat acne with few side effects. When using CBD oil for acne, you’re using the products to manage the sebaceous glands (those are the ones that open into hair follicles) that can get clogged by excessive oil. CBD skin care products don’t necessarily contain a high CBD content, but they can still be effective in calming inflamed skin.

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1. Populum Lavender CBD Face Oil


Formulated with anti-inflammatory non-GMO hemp oil, calming lavender oil, and free radical-fighting grapeseed oil, this facial oil helps ward off a compromised skin barrier, helping to heal past pimples and prevent more from forming.

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2. CBD For Life Pure CBD Face & Body Cleanser


Made with anti-inflammatory CBD and willow bark extract, this cream-to-foam cleanser is designed to deeply cleanse and calm skin from head to toe. With every use, you can expect to walk away with fresh, unclogged pores that look as soothed as they feel.

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3. Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bomb


Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bomb Formulated with acne-fighting lauric acid (found in coconut oil), antiseptic peppermint oil, calming lavender oil, and anti-inflammatory CBD, this adorable tie-dye, teddy bear-shaped bath bomb can work wonders for people with acne-prone skin. Simply fill your tub with warm water, drop your bomb in, and soak into the fizzy goodness to say goodbye to stubborn blemishes from shoulders to toes.

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