Heard on the Street: Longtime healing spa transplanted to new Rochester home – PostBulletin.com

A 20-year-old healing spa is blooming in a new Southwest Rochester home along with a salty partner.

Tina Ridler’s Lilac Wellness Center moved to Suite D at 1915 Greenview Dr. SW on Oct. 17 and launched a “soft opening” as it adds finishing touches to the new space. Lilac moved from the Pinnacle West building on Superior Drive Northwest.

“We’re really happy with our visibility here,” Ridler said of the new digs. “And there are so many people in and out of the building all day long.”

Liliac offers massage, spa, and energy therapy services with a focus on plant medicine. It now shares a commercial complex with Dison’s Cleaners and Cashmere Lux Hair Salon.

While her shop is open, Ridler hopes to be fully up and running by mid-November. She’s planning to host a holiday open house to celebrate the new location.

In addition to space for three treatment rooms, including one for couples therapy, the Greenview Drive spot has space for an allied healing business to “buddy up” with Lilac. 

Salty’s Halo Therapy, owned by Trina Klunder, will use two rooms in the spa as “Himalayan salt caves” to offer halo therapy for respiratory issues, anxiety, stress, detoxification and other issues. Klunder uses pharmaceutical-grade salt for the therapy sessions.

Lilac has been known for providing healing services for its almost 20 years in Rochester. Ridler added a new twist recently by selling and using CBD oil in treatments.

“Unlike other retailers, we actually use it to treat clients,” she said.

Rumors about popular restaurant chains looking for a spot in the Med City as plentiful as as hotels and coffee shops in Rochester.

The big brand names regularly flip and flop around around town, which excites fans hungry a Rochester branch of their favorite chain. In the end, most of these rumors fade away, leaving only disappointed fans behind.

However, a new round of chatter is swirling in Northwest Rochester for a well-known eatery chain. It sounds like the brand is truly interested in opening a Med City restaurant. Interest, of course, might not turn into a bricks-and-mortar place serving a menu of favorite dishes.

I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open to see if this latest buzz will make the hop from talk to reality or if it is just another flavorless flop of a rumor.

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