On CBD: What do you want to know, and what has been your experience? LNP wants to talk to you – LancasterOnline

Cannabidiol, a compound known as CBD, has drawn intense consumer interest since a federal law change late last year loosened restrictions on the hemp from which it is derived.

CBD is now widely available in everything from hand cream to gummies.

LNP reporter Heather Stauffer wants to hear from Lancaster County residents for a story she’s planning about CBD.

She’d like to know what you think about CBD, what questions you have about it, and whether you have used it.

Please fill out the form below, or email Heather at hstauffer@lnpnews.com

Source: https://lancasteronline.com/business/local_business/on-cbd-what-do-you-want-to-know-and-what/article_c9bf155a-0264-11ea-ae96-1f4e985f7387.html