Pacific Health Foods Stocks New Product: Shelter CBD Dog Treats – Calabasas, CA –

Pacific Health Foods stocks food not only for people, but their furry friends as well. They have a line of CBD treats specifically made for pets and have recently added Shelter CBD’s beef-flavored dog treats to the lineup.

Pacific Health Foods has operated as a family-run business in Santa Barbara County for 25 years. Stocking healthy and affordable options for customers, they maintain high standards for their vendors and feature trusted brands, including Shelter CBD.

It’s extremely common for pets to suffer from anxiety, such as trembling uncontrollably at the sound of loud noises, acting fearful around strangers, or panicking at the vet’s office. That’s why couple, Ryan and Emily Miller, chose to start their own business to create CBD dog treats designed to calm the nerves of stressed-out canines and provide dogs with access to the many other medicinal benefits attributed to cannabidiol (CBD).

Working with a veterinarian and animal nutritionist, the couple developed a beef-flavored dog treat that contains CBD and other phytonutrients derived from the hemp plant. Unlike many CBD products for humans, Shelter CBD treats contain zero THC compounds, the chemical that creates the “high” associated with cannabis and is not appropriate for animals. A third-party laboratory tests the treats to ensure they contain the correct potency of CBD, as well as no trace of THC or harmful pesticides. It’s one of the only products of its kind on the market.

As part of their mission to improve the lives of dogs, the Millers are donating 5 percent of the profits from each sale to their featured charity ( The donations are central to Shelter CBD’s business model and inspired the company’s name. “There are just so many dogs in shelters needing a home,” explained Emily Miller. “We just want to do our part by helping dog owners and industry professionals realize the power of CBD. We measure our success as a company by the number of dogs we are able to help!”

Pacific Health Foods’ decision to stock Shelter CBD stems from their mission to stock eco-friendly and cruelty-free household items. Pacific Health Foods specializes in vegan products, gluten-free items, dairy-free delights, ethically raised hormone-free grass-fed beef, locally sourced produce, and fresh organic breads from their in-house bakery. Dedicated to their customers, Pacific Health Foods vows to source specific brands and wellness products to you at no additional charge if they are not in the store.

Photo: Nathan Noll, director of Pacific Health Foods