Patients are Switching from Big Pharma Companies to CBD Products – California Herald

There is around one in ten people all over the world who is diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as anxiety and depression. The patients of the mental health disorder are now turning to CBD for treatment, despite there being so many reputed pharma companies available.

In 2017, a survey was carried out on CBD consumers. 41% of the consumers favored CBD for medications and 40% of those surveyed revealed that CBD is more effective for relieving medical conditions.

People are facing a lot of difficulties in the US for treatment in traditional ways. Some treatments are costing a lot of money for the people, and healthcare insurers are not providing enough coverage of certain medications and hence making it difficult for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Hence to get treatment for these ailments, patients are switching to CBD products that can treat their anxiety at a relatively lower cost. After seeing the effective results of CBD, many countries are adopting CBD based medications for treating a lot of medical conditions.

The popularity and positive results of CBD are making it a more versatile medium for treatment at a cheaper cost. There are many kinds of researches regarding CBD that are being carried out by reputed research agencies.

The researches have revealed that CBD is effective in treating serious medical conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, depression, and anxiety. CBD products such as patches, oil, cream, topicals, and suckers are getting massive popularity around the world.



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