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Now is the time to let people outside your city know about your awesome marijuana business. You want to expand your client base and increase sales. To achieve your business goals, you will need a web design for cannabis and a content management system or CMS. While it may be challenging to determine the best CMS system for your website, there are two popular systems that you can choose between – Shopify and WordPress.

Shopify vs WordPress

The CBD industry has been proliferating in the U.K. In fact; the market size has been estimated to be 50 million pounds annually. According to Business Matters Magazine, 60 per cent of CBD sales are made online. However, there are some challenges you will experience when starting your CBD online shop. Some of the issues include choosing the best platform to create your website and how to accept payments.

Selling Products on Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can provide everything for your online cannabis business. Shopify makes it easy to create and manage an online business, and you can customize it to sell in multiple places, including social media, the web, and even brick-and-mortar shops. Shopify also makes it easier to manage your inventory, shipping, and payments, and they do the hosting for your business. This means that you can run your business from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Pros of using Shopify

  • It’s quick to launch, and you won’t need a developer to code or help you set up your online CBD business.
  • Shopify is a Canada-based business, which means it is not subjected to U.S. federal laws.
  • The Canadian government uses this online platform for cannabis sales.

Cons of using Shopify

Although Shopify is cannabis-friendly, the gateway payments it provides are not, for example, Stripe and PayPal). This is mainly because most cannabis-related transactions are considered high-risk, especially in the U.S., where CBD is linked to marijuana. For these reasons, Shopify has some disadvantages, including:

High transaction fees: 

Shopify deducts 2.9% and an additional 30 cents in each credit card transaction. The only alternative is to use the available Shopify payments, which won’t process cannabis-related transactions.

Custom developments: 

Although you can integrate other options, you will need the help of a developer. Although you can integrate other options, you will need the help of a developer.

You’re not in control: 

Shopify can close your site without warning. Additionally, you’re subject to their policies, which can change anytime.

Selling Products on WordPress

WordPress is a better alternative to Shopify for starting your CBD online business. Apart from having several CBD Oil Web Design options, it has a CMS system (WooCommerce) that gives you control over your website. This means that there is no risk of having your site closed. If you’re already on Shopify, you can still migrate to WordPress, either manually or through migrating software.

Unlike Shopify, which charges high fees for every credit card transaction, WordPress doesn’t charge any additional fees outside those charged by the payment gateway you use. What’s more, some cannabis-friendly payment gateways offer WordPress plugins, which means you won’t need to redirect your payments.

Bottom Line

To grow your CBD oil business, you need the right web design for cannabis products and a CMS system to attract more online customers. To choose the right CMS system, you have to look at much more than the ease of creating an online shop. You have to consider the available payment gateways, transaction costs, and how much control you’ll have over your site.



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