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A certain level of THC is required because it is the chemical that carries the beneficial CBD to the brain, which is why the Federal government set a maximum of .3% THC content when they approved Hemp. For many, when the word “marijuana” is mentioned, a shield goes up immediately and they refuse to even listen to the facts. Recreational

Marijuana and medical marijuana are two entirely different things. The seeds used to grow medical marijuana are seeds that contain lower levels of THC.

I would like to provide some reference material so that Nebraska residents can educate themselves on the difference, as well as some video links showing the results of CBD treatment. Medical marijuana has been shown to kill cancer cells. Please feel free to contact Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana on Facebook for a listing of the various county groups, or if you would like to sign the petition or need additional information.

Marijuana is just another God-given resource that we are ignoring to the detriment of many. Citizens of Nebraska should at least have the opportunity to vote on this issue.



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