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Cancer is among the most dangerous diseases globally. In 2018 alone, cancer was responsible for the death of 9.6 million people, which translates to an approximate of 1 out of every 6 people.

Sex and race influence the chances of developing cancer. But out of the various types of cancers, lung cancer is responsible for more deaths in both men and women, with up to 2.09 million cases reported in 2018.

Cannabis oil extracted from the cannabis plant is one of the modern alternatives that seem to shine some light on the treatment of lung cancer. In its raw form and also through various extracts derived from high-quality CBD oil Canada produces. Cannabis offers a lot of benefits for both outward and inward nourishment of the human body.

In the fight against lung cancer, cannabis oil could help patients in several ways. Here are some of the benefits of cannabis oil to lung cancer patients:

Eases Pain

Pain relief is perhaps one of the main reasons why cannabis oil is gaining prominence among patients with lung cancer. Cannabis oil offers nutrients to the complex endocannabinoid system that assists in communication between cells.

Scientists are still trying to determine how exactly this reduces pain. However, a study suggests that cannabis oil helps in relieving inflammation, which is one of the causes of pain in lung cancer patients.

Improves Sleep Quality

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

A cancer patient needs quality sleep for the nourishment of the body, mind, and soul. Sleeplessness or insomnia results from a mental condition, anxiety, and stress, and more.

Lung cancer patients struggling with insomnia can benefit from cannabis oil if the cause of the insomnia is an external factor. Although research on how cannabis oil works to treat this condition is still ongoing, some studies show that, indeed, it can help to treat anxiety.

In other research, there is evidence that CBD influences your sleep cycle. The study examined four patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The results show that CBD helped in suppressing REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) linked to poor sleep.

Lowers Heart Pressure

Continuous monitoring of the heart condition forms an integral part of cancer treatment at every stage. Hypertension has the highest comorbidity, a condition that occurs together with or alongside the primary disease. To a reasonable extent, therefore, taking care of a patient’s blood pressure would go a long way in giving them relief.

A study shows that CBD oil can help lung cancer patients with high blood pressure. In a recent study, nine healthy men exhibited a reduction in blood pressure after taking a dose of CBD oil. Researchers also gave the participants stress tests usually triggered by a rise in blood pressure. The results confirm that a dose of CBD can help in reducing blood pressure.

Improves Appetite 

Chronically ill patients have exceptional feeding needs. They require enhanced doses of nutrients to boost their body’s ability to reformulate cells affected by the disease. There are many causes of reduced appetite leading to less supply of essential nutrients to the body.  Low appetite signifies unhealthy modifications or working in your body.

Balancing your body composition and restoring its working is essential to improve your appetite, and this is where CBD oil becomes useful. Clinical tests conducted in 139 patients noted a significant increase in appetite in patients treated with a CBD(Cannabidiol) extract known as dronabinol.

Reduces Anxiety

Any major sickness that gives your body major degeneration takes a toll on your brain. This leads to anxiety and stress, mainly because of the many uncertainties involved. Cannabis oil could be the key to reducing this kind of anxiety in a lung cancer patient.

A 2011 study observed that cannabis oil demonstrated impressive results in the treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Several studies have also supported the use of cannabis products in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). These findings support the potential of cannabis oil and other cannabis extracts to reduce the effects of lung cancer and other diseases, as well.


Each type of cancer seems to presents a different set of challenges to patients, doctors, and caregivers in general. As more research continues on best approaches and ways to tackle this epidemic, cannabis products are finding a prominent place as an alternative prescription.

Even then, you need to be cautious and it is advisable to consult an expert before settling on any marijuana product. Consulting a doctor will allow you to avoid interfering with other medications. Nonetheless, cannabis and its products have properties that could contribute positively to modern medicine.

So, if you are a lung cancer patient, then you should consider using cannabis oil to manage the condition. The good thing is that cannabis oil is readily available. You can even get cannabis oil products from the best online dispensary Canada has to offer.



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