The Healing Effects of CBD

The Healing Effects of CBD

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Who is the Healthinator?
Today’s conventional modern food system is loaded with GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, larvicides, growth hormones, food chemicals, and synthetic preservatives coupled with toxic hygiene products exposing your body to endocrine disruptors and hormone disruptors which wreaks havoc on your health especially your gut flora, the core of one’s health. I believe it’s very difficult for anyone to stay healthy with everything this modern day food and hygiene system is throwing at your body. Let the Healthinator share the knowledge he has acquired over the past decade of research to help you achieve thriving health! He will show you ways to greatly reduce the toxic chemical load on the body which causes many of today’s health issues and then he will share with you several positive steps you can take so your bodies health will truly thrive!

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