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Carlos Vasquez, left, and his nephew R.J. Vasquez, wait for customers at their family's barber shop Friday, March 20, 2020, in Houston. The barbers at family-owned barber shop estimate they have lost nearly half of their business due to the coronavirus. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
Carlos Vasquez, left, and his nephew R.J. Vasquez, wait for customers at their family’s barber shop Friday, March 20, 2020, in Houston. The barbers at family-owned barber shop estimate they have lost nearly half of their business due to the coronavirus. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip) (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

HOUSTON – From restaurants to cleaning services, thousands of Houston-area businesses are struggling as people stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We asked businesses to share their stories and how you can help them out during the pandemic.

Here are all entries we received:

Taqueria Estilo Mexico – Food

Taqueria Estilo Mexico serves authentic Mexican food including gorditas and sopes.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We just opened about a month ago and we were busy until recently.”

You can support this business by placing to-go orders and picking them up through drive-throughs.

Location: 10730 Barker Cypress

Phone: (832) 607-6346

Big Ol’ Bows – Shopping

Big Ol’ Bows creates clothing and accessories for children newborn to 3T. They make custom shirts and handmade bummies, bows, bowties, rompers and tutus. They even have “mommy size” headwraps.

Here’s part of what the owner shared with us:

“I’m a small business owner who turned a hobby into a small business. I recently took over this small business as a way to help make up some income we lost in November after my husband (a veteran) was let go from the VA. We took it as an opportunity for him to go back to school full time and finish his nursing degree. I work a full-time job as a transaction coordinator for a real estate team and I do my business in the evenings and weekends we set up at the farmers market! I’m also a licensed stylist… jack of all trades. Anything to help get hubby through school stress-free.”

You can support this business through online shopping.

Best Collision Center – Auto

Best Collision Center offers full-service auto body and paint repair.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“In business as best collision for 20 yrs. Founded by Steve Gerardi, specializing in Mazda, all foreign and domestic cars. We also do specialty repair on high-end vehicles. We take the hassle out of dealing with cut-rate body shops and deliver a superior product to our customers.”

You can support this business by purchasing virtual services.

Location: 1705 Sherwood Forest

Phone: (713) 973-9100

La Macro – Food

La Macro is a local food truck located near northside Houston.

Here’s part of what the owner shared with us:

“I’m a single small business owner and have been in business for 8 years and have never struggled in my years of business as these past few weeks… I wanted to just stop but my followers and customers have asked me not to give up… just like I didn’t give up on Houston after Harvey… they want to help out and give back…. 🙏🏽 I cannot employ my staff because I cannot afford to and we are relying on faith at the moment…”

You can support this business by placing to-go orders.

Location: 3903 Fulton Street

Phone: (832) 618-4611

Bark N’ Sparkle – Pets

Bark N’ Sparkle is a dog grooming service.

Here’s part of what the owner shared with us:

I groom dogs in my own home or in the comfort of the client’s home. I make them look and feel better for their owners and themselves. Bring your fur baby to me. I can set out a kennel for you to leave your pet on my porch as to have no human contact. I am practicing all precautions and extra sanitation procedures. Business is at a dead halt right now.”

You can support this business by taking your fur babies to get groomed.

Location: 910 Pebbleshire Drive

Phone: (832) 988- 9402

Armstrong Plumbing Company – Home

Armstrong Plumbing is a new plumbing company serving the Houston area. It specializes in conventional and tankless water heaters.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We opened in mid-January of this year. Our master plumber went into plumbing 15 years ago when he found out that he had a baby on the way. He started specializing in water heaters 8 years ago. Starting a business has been hard especially since we are living in a world of unknowns but we are fortunate enough to still be able to help people in need.”

This business is offering discounted services to customers who have been laid off or have had their hours cut.

Phone: (281) 485-3838

Atlas Glinn, LLC – Security

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“Most of our clients have been forced to close during this epic pandemic- without relief, therefore causing us to lose business and struggle to keep our staff employed. We are juggling the schedule and business capitol the best we can to triage our operations and keep paychecks going to our most critical assets- our employees.”

Location: 675 Bering Drive Suite 200

Phone: (281) 415-1023

Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston – Dance

The Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston is a new business in Sawyer Heights/Arts District with plans to open this spring.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We hope when COVID19 goes away everyone will come join us! See our website for more information!”

You can support this business by taking one of its live-streamed dance classes that are suited for all ages.

Location: 1302 Houston Avenue Suite #300

Phone: (713) 804-6646

Medical Center ENT Associates of Houston – Health

Medical Center ENT Associates of Houston provides the community with physicians treating patients with ear, nose and throat issues.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We have made the decision to stay open and try to keep as many people to stay out of the hospital as possible. We are trying to keep the hospitals and urgent care facilities from having to treat patients that would have no other choice than urgent care or hospital if we were to close. We are offering virtual visits for patients with compromised health and in-person visits for patients without a fever or cough.”

You can support this business through its virtual services.

Location: 4101 Greenbriar Drive Suite 320

Phone: (713) 795-0111

Storage Authority on Walters Road – Storage

Storage Authority is a storage facility near Spears and Walters Road that has been in business for one year.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We started out with thinking of making our lives better and help out by giving great prices! We are barely a year in and it has affected us big time so any help will work! Whether you want to rent a unit for a month or for a while please come by we will treat you as family. ”

This business wants to help its customers by offering 3 months at 50% off without a contract. And if customers need it for longer, the original price will stay for a whole year. They will even help by making sure you don’t pay a deposit or admin fee.

Location: 11966 Walters Road

Phone: (832) 777-7877

Dirt Free Carpet Cleaning – Home

The Dirt Free Carpet Cleaning team cleans different flooring and furniture in your home. They also clean air ducts and can sanitize any surface in your home or business.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We are family owned and operated. The owner started because he had to work at a young age to feed his family of 10. We have found success by going above and beyond industry standards. Creating new processes and equipment along the way. We have the most powerful truck in the industry with different attachments to be able to clean multiple surfaces.

Location: 1308 Upland Drive

Phone: (713) 730-2782

Krispy Kreme Humble location – Food

Here’s part of what the manager shared with us:

“We are encouraging our guests to order online. This will make it safer for our staff since our guests will only be picking up and won’t have to spend time in our establishment. This will also help to have less contact since they can pay online, we won’t have to touch their cash or credit cards. And they won’t have to walk in to pick up, they can do it through our drive-through window.”

You can support this business by ordering online which will make it a lot safer for its staff.

Location: 1960 Bypass Road W

Phone: (346) 323-7220

Banh Mi And Tea Restaurant – Food

Banh Mi And Tea Restaurant serves Vietnamese sandwiches and Boba Tea. They also have a variety of appetizers and noodles bowl and plates.

Here’s what they shared with us:

“We opened this restaurant 2 years ago. We do the best Banh Mi in Copperfield Village.”

You can support this business by ordering food for delivery.

Location: 7067 Highway 6 North

Phone: (281) 656- 8075

Andy’s Kitchen – Food

Andy’s Kitchen is a small restaurant that offers American comfort food. It was voted best burger in Cypress.

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“Andy supports our community through feeding churches, schools, first responders and veterans. Now he needs us! Andy is a genuine caring guy. He makes people laugh and is always giving back. He sponsors veteran lunches and feeds school staff and first responders.”

Location: 15202 Mason Road

Phone: (832) 653-8302

Full of Crafts Texas – Shopping

Full of Crafts Texas makes custom items including shirts for baby showers and custom glitter tumblers.

Here’s part what the owner shared with us:

“I started making phone cases for my daughter and branched out from there. I now make shirts, bags, tumblers, and many other things.”

You can support this business by ordering online. It can ship items all over the US.

Phone: (713) 591-0532

Shawn Chippendale Imaging – Service

Here’s what the owner shared with us:

“I am a commercial and editorial photographer. I can still conduct my business of photographing content for local businesses while observing all distancing rules. I have over 20 years of restaurant experience and have been a full-time photographer for 3 years now, due to hard work, sacrifices and the commitment to honing my skills. I have found success by providing local & national brands high-quality content at affordable prices.”

You can help this business by booking them to photograph your goods.

Phone: (832) 404-1969

Old 18 – Shopping

Here’s what they shared with us:

“We are a manufacturer of high-end fishing rods. Owned by a top gun fighter pilot, navy seal, and a master fishing rod builder.”

Location: 331 Corporate Woods Drive Suite B-3

You can help this business by purchasing online.

Full Out Dance – Dance

Here’s what they shared with us:

“I offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Gymnastics, Pointe & Hip Hop for children ages 2-18. Full Out Dance is home to a 50 member National Award Winning Competition Team (Kelley’s Company). I provide a 2nd home and family type atmosphere for many students. I have students that have been with me for 5 years and 10 plus years. We all share the love of dance and have a bond and memories that will last a lifetime.

I started a fundraiser for the studio. These are the shirts for my 12th annual recital that is still set to happen in May🤞. To purchase a shirt click here

Location: 13455 Cutten Road 2-I

Phone: (713) 732-7363

I Love Bouncies – Shopping

I love Bouncies sells hand made, hand-carved, wood collectible characters.

Here’s what they shared with us:

“We attend various fairs, festivals, community events, and music fests. This was our 1st time as a vendor at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Going forward our in-person shows have been canceled with no event scheduled until September. We have driven our customers to our website in hopes of continuing on with our sales and mission: We sell characters and offer free smiles 😃

People will hook Bouncies on a ceiling fan pull, hook them on a lamp, above a kitchen sink, in a window, or ride with you in your car. We sell Bouncies to people that have someone in an assisted living, or nursing home. Anywhere you need a little Bounce in your day.”

Location: 23715 San Servero

Phone: (979) 575-0474

Kloud10 CBD Wellness – Shopping

Here’s what they shared with us:

“We had just started our store operations in January of 2020, with any small new business it takes time to get it off the ground, just as it looked like things were going to pick up the COVID-19 crisis struck us and we have barely seen customers the last several weeks leading up to this stay at home order. We don’t want to close our doors or stop trying to provide our products and services and to that end, we are willing to bring all our products out of the store and deliver them. We are still unsure of how the order classifies CBD wellness shops but we hope that we can still make a living and stay true to our mission of helping people.

In 2017 my father had lost his job with ExxonMobil after 20 years of working for them. That was the first heavy blow to us and wasn’t able to find another job in the last 3 years. We decided to start this business last year after he was diagnosed with lymphoma, (thankfully it was a misdiagnosed) but at the time this shook our whole family. I had been working in smoke shops at the time and had already been selling some CBD products but wasn’t sure if they actually would benefit him. When he got a second opinion from his doctor about trying some the doctor actually said “why not.” We went to an actual wellness store and tried a bottle of oil and after just a few weeks we saw unbelievable results. The swelling in his neck had subsided and all he could say was that he felt calmer, more relaxed. From that moment my dad took his whole 401K and life savings, and me and him got started on trying to open our own store, sticking to our mission to look for reputable and high-quality products that would bring people the same benefits that my dad received. It was a hard and long road but we finally opened our doors in mid-January of 2020.”

Location: 3719 N Fry Rd #C

Phone: (832)570-9887

Tiny Giraffe Design – Services

Here’s part of what the owner shared with us:

“I’m a freelance graphic designer who wants to help local businesses get their information out there. I’m offering a free social media image that a business can share via their social media platform to let their valued customers know how to reach them, how to purchase their goods/products, specials, etc. I’ve seen a lot of DIY images and I just want to help and provide this service for them. I can be reached via email for any additional information or to begin the design process for their images.

I was a full-time graphic designer at a local credit union and became a freelancer and stayed at home after having my daughter.”

Phone: (713) 885-3484

Sassy Sisters, LLC – Printing

Here’s part what they shared with us:

“We design and make custom shirts, as well as offer supplies to make your own! (Vinyl, blank shirts, and over 200 pre-printed designs to choose from!) We also offer embroidery and make banners.

We are best friends that worked from home for 6 years, before opening our storefront. We started with a single needle embroidery machine, before starting vinyl work, and got the opportunity to buy the store we purchased supplies from, and jumped on it! Through hard work, and lots of late nights, we’ve built something to be proud of!”

You can support this business through online shopping.

Location: 7407 Spencer Highway Suite 120

Phone: (832) 984-4443

Main In Texas – Cleaning

Here’s what they shared with us:

“We clean homes and apartments. Regular weekly or monthly cleans. Move-in or out cleans as well when someone moves.

My mother started our business in 1981 to provide for our family. Three years ago just before she passed when she first became ill and was no longer able to work my twin brother and I took over and have grown it to be enough to support our families.”

You can help this business by purchasing gift cards.

Phone: (832) 861-6243

La Fogata Restaurant – Food

Here’s part of what they shared with us:

“We have been providing Houston and it’s surrounding areas with the BEST traditional Colombian cuisine in the city!

Our family came from Pereira, Colombia. Arrived in New York, and after an opportunity arrived, we moved from Queens, to Alief, and never looked back. We believe in providing our clientele, the best quality in not only food, but service as well.”

You can help this business by using its curbside pick-up service.

Location: 11630 Southwest Freeway

Phone: (281)-575-8736

Houston Strong Fencing – Home

Here’s what they shared with us:

“Help us get your yard ready for Spring and Summer with a nice strong, good looking fence around your home.”

Location: 8615 Chaletford Drive

Phone: (713) 261-2043

If you’re a local business owner or manager and would like to share your story, click here.

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