Today's HealthNews For You – Ways To Beat Stress Using CBD Oil

Today's HealthNews For You – Ways To Beat Stress Using CBD Oil

Today’s HealthNews For You – Ways To Beat Stress Using CBD Oil

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Ways To Beat Stress Using CBD Oil

Welcome to another HealthNews video news release brought to you by HealthNews.

In today’s news we look how cannabidiol, also known as CBD helps with stress.

Cannabidiol, has risen dramatically in popularity as a treatment to reduce stress.

It is available for internal use in many forms, including CBD oil, which is oil that contains a concentration of CBD.

Research is showing more and more ways CBD oil benefits the body.

How exactly does CBD help with stress?

Reduces Anxiety
Studies have shown that taking CBD internally, such as using CBD oil, can mitigate these anxiety-inducing effects.

Increase Mental Clarity
Taking CBD oil can actually improve brain function, boosting memory and neural pathways involved in thought navigation resulting in better mental clarity and ability to focus.

Reduce Oxidative Stress
Because CBD oil works to bring balance to the body by lowering anxiety and reducing stress-induced inflammation, it can be considered an effective aid in reducing anxiety, stress and therefore oxidative stress.

Cut Stress Induced Eating
While cannabis is known for inducing hunger, CBD oil actually can regulate appetite and help the digestive system function more optimally.

Sleep Better / Work Better
CBD oil promotes more restful sleep, and, according to research, is a potential treatment for sleep disorders.

With so many constant sources of stress, people often need a more holistic approach to heal from anxiety.

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