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BIRMINGHAM, England, Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After becoming the UK’s number one CBD brand in 2019, Vitality CBD have hit the ground running this year with the launch of their innovative Active CBD range. Covering four different CBD oils and a muscle rub, Active is set to revolutionise the UK fitness sector.


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In 2019 the UK fitness industry exceeded £5bn, while the UK CBD market is projected to reach £1bn by 2025. Considering the massive potential for growth, Vitality CBD’s managing director, Nikhil Nathwani, explains their decision to fuse fitness and CBD:

“Extensive user feedback showed a large proportion of them were already using our core range to support their fitness routines. That’s why we created Active, a bespoke range of CBD oils specially infused with industry-best ingredients widely used by people leading an active lifestyle.”

Through Vitality CBD’s collaboration with multi-championship-winning bodybuilder Ben Noy, they’ve created an incredibly versatile CBD fitness range. It’s for hardcore gym goers, occasional joggers, and everyone in between.

The range kicks off with the Vitality CBD Boost Drops. Designed for a high-octane burst of energy, this oil includes Ashwagandha, Caffeine, and Vitamin B12, which is known for stimulating energy-yielding metabolism.

Next are the Vitality CBD Focus Drops, formulated for maintaining focus during strenuous exercise. Their formula includes Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba, and Vitamin A, a well-regarded everyday vitamin essential for maintaining iron metabolism.

The third step is for post-exercise recovery, with Vitality CBD Recover Drops. That recuperation is supported by the ingredients Turmeric, Curcumin and Vitamin D3, renowned for maintaining muscle, bone, and immune system function.

The final stage of Vitality CBD’s fitness routine is rest, supported by the Vitality CBD Relax Drops. They include Magnesium, 5-HTP and Lemon Balm, known for its role as an antioxidant and promoting a promoting a good, calm rest.

Alongside their Muscle Rub, designed for joints and muscles post-exercise, this initial launch marks a bold step for both the CBD and fitness industries. With their Active range, Vitality CBD are revolutionising how users use and buy CBD in 2020.

About Vitality CBD:

Since being established in the UK in 2018, Vitality CBD has continually moved from strength-to-strength. With a team of 40 staff, distribution across Europe, and 4 product awards under its belt, Vitality CBD is fast becoming the UK’s market leaders for CBD.

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