Your beginner’s guide to CBD – CL Charlotte

Living in the new era facilitated by the internet, you must have heard something about the newly found medical sensation called the CBD. being regarded as a medical marvel and the buzzy wellness product of this modern era, it is only predictable that CBD is becoming more and more common among the common folks. 

With different studies, regarding its nature and impacts on the body, surfacing on the top of medical researches, CBD has shown serious prospects to become a well defined medical practice. Various medical befits have been observed due to the use of CBD for the body. If you are new to this niche and are looking for information about CBD before actually going for a test run, here is a beginner’s guide to help you aid in your complete understanding of the CBD molecule and its impacts on your body once it goes in. let us go over the basics. 

First things first:

First, we define what a CBD compound actually is. It is a naturally occurring substance found in cannabis plants also called cannabis Sativa. It is non-psychoactive in nature unlike its cousin, the THC, which comes from the marijuana species of cannabis plant rather than hemp plant as CBD does. 

Where does it come from?

Its only main and natural source is the hemp species of cannabis Sativa or simply a cannabis plant. It is extracted as tincture or oils from the plant and must be used in unrest forms to avoid the euphoric effects that THC tends to give. 

Hemp vs marijuana:

Hemp and marijuana are both species from the same plant family named as the cannabis Sativa. While they may look alike in form and shape but there is a key difference between the CBD oil extracted from both of them. While hemp-based CBD oils are purer and contain less than 0.3% THC in them, the marijuana-based CBD extracts are more psychoactive in nature. Hemp-derived CBD does not give you that “high” feeling that is associated with the use of THC. various other differences are also present but most people are only concerned with the euphoric feeling of THC vs CBD.

CBD’s working in the body:

The endocannabinoid system that most mammals are known to have is the main thing that can explain the working of CBD inside your body. This system is responsible for the production of similar types of molecules as THC and CBD which interact with the brain. It regulates various processes in our body with the help of its receptors, the most important of which are the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 and CB2:

CB1 is mostly tied with the brain and handle feeling like anxiety, pain, depression, tiredness, mood, and appetite. They link well with THC and is thus the main reason why CBD can help with pain and such. CB2 is spread overall in the whole body and deal with skin inflammation and such sort. What CBD does is to not actually bind with thee receptors, rather they resolute and enhance the production of natural endocannabinoid molecules in your body and maximize their effects. 

Effects on the body:

It can cause pain relief and depression relief. It can also help with sleep issues and insomnia. It aids in digestion and appetite issues and can regulate your brain cells. Neurogenesis is another possibility CBD is promising to mankind. Already two epilepsy medicine has been approved by the FDA that contain CBD in their composition. It can make you become more active and efficient. It has also shown various possibilities in cardiac problems and skin anomalies. It is also being used as a coping mechanism and pain reliever for pets.

How to consume?

There are four major consumption methods for CBD. one is by mouth or orally. It can be in the form of CBD oils or tablets and cbd gel capsules. As tinctures, it is taken sublingually. It can be smoked or vaped which is medically the best easy for it to be comedy absorbed by your body. CBD ointment is applied topically for immediate effect on the infected area or region of skin. 


It depends upon various factors such as your weight, diet, and the brand that you have purchased for CBD use. It is recommended using the same dosage as mentioned on the CBD product that you purchase and staring with low dosage brands and check how does it react with your body.